Hand loomed in Tibet, Nepal or India each piece is handcrafted by a tribal family pattern. This piece is reversible. The first pictures show the main view and the later pictures show the reverse view.

Yak Wool:

Yak is an animal that lives high in Himalayan mountains and is accustomed extremely low temperatures. The down layer of wool that is soft and next to the skin is brushed out each spring and is then made into yarn for weaving. It is soft like the high altitude goats that give us cashmere and keeps you very warm. Yaks live at a staggering 13.000 to 16,500 ft. above sea level.

The Yak wool is non-allergenic. There is no lanolin in the fiber; thus, making it easy to clean and is hypoallergenic. So anyone that is allergic to sheep wool can wear or cover oneself with a Yak Shawl or Throw. It’s naturally anti-bacterial too, so unlike synthetic garments it will stay odor-free for many days at a time. Unlike sheep's wool, the scales of yak fiber are in a waved mosaic pattern, resulting in a very smooth fiber that does not itchiMothers day gift